Learning Goal: I’m working on a wellness discussion question and need an explana

Learning Goal: I’m working on a wellness discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
The area of health focus for this assignment is the abusive use of the cellphone
-This assignment doesn’t have to be formal, make it sound like a college student (informal, no grammar errors)
Part I) Background InfoWhat area of health are you focusing on for this assignment?
How does this domain currently impact your physical, mental, emotional, and/or social well-being?
How do you think it is benefiting you right now? What do you get out of this behavior that encourages you to continue it? (We perform all of our behaviors for a reason. Understanding their deeper motivations can help us find alternative strategies for behaviors we want to change).
Part II) BrainstormingIdentify your outcome goal at the end of this year. What would you like to change, eliminate, or add, specifically, in terms of your current behavior?
How do you think your physical, mental, emotional, and/or social health might improve if you change this behavior or incorporate new healthy behaviors in this area? What might your life look like?
What strengths or attributes to you possess that could help you reach this goal?
If you have tried to change this behavior in the past, what barriers or roadblocks have gotten in the way?
What is the identity of the type of person who would complete this goal? (Think back to our atomic habits from week one).For example, someone looking to reduce marijuana usage may say: I want to be the type of person who only uses marijuana three or less times a week and has high energy levels each day.
Identify five possible action steps you could take to improve your well-being in your domain or area selected.Example (student uses marijuana throughout the day and wants to cut down):I could gradually cut down on marijuana use weekly. I currently use 8x/day and could try cutting down by 1x each week for 7 weeks until I am only using once per day in the evening before bed.
I could reach out to a local substance use resource center or download an app to help me quit starting next week.
Instead of smoking when I get home from school, I could set an alarm on my phone to go out for a walk and call a friend.
I can purchase CBD and substitute every other smoking session with CBD instead.
I can schedule an appointment with school counseling next week to talk about mental health counseling resources for quitting.
Part III) Developing PlansSelect ONE action step from above to start with. Make sure it is actionable and realistic (review the Tiny Habits video — the smaller to start, the better!) and then begin! Once you feel comfortable with this action step, refer back to your list and layer the next one in.
Look at your list of barriers from part two. Brainstorm one possible solution for each barrier listed. It is very likely that past barriers will come up again. Brainstorming solutions now can help you move past them.Example: If I am staying at a friend’s house who uses for multiple nights in a row, I will go for a walk or head to a coffee shop to do homework at the time they usually use.
Example: If I have a craving for substance X in the evening, I will set a timer for five minutes to do something enjoyable (journal, take a shower, video game, etc.) and check in with the craving again after the five minutes have passed. I will repeat up to three times.
Do you need any additional support to complete this goal If so, what? (Consider friends, family, counseling, online resources, etc.)
How will you know if/when you have successfully achieved your goal?
Helpful info:Please complete each section in complete sentence, paragraph format.
Use the questions as a guide for writing to make sure you are answering completely. Each section should have a minimum of two paragraphs response.